Friday, July 8, 2016

Who I Am

Good morning, all. I have something on my heart this morning, so bear with me as I explain a couple of things, okay? 

Alright, here is where I stand. I am passionate about what I do; there is no denying that. Let me to put this? Ok, got it!

This is not a pitch for you to get a copy of my book, W.O.W. created w.o.w. If you get it, you do; if not, so be it. But that book is the essence of who I am! I have been called a preacher twice within the last few hours because of my writing. That is NOT who I am. I am an author and a poet. Again, am I passionate about what I do, yes. But don't get my motives twisted. 

When you sat down at your grandmother's table and she talked in earnest with you about your life and Jesus, you didn't call her a preacher, did you? Of course, you didn't! You just knew that she was a godly woman who cared deeply about you. That is what you have in me. Have I always done everything just right all of the time? No, I have not and neither have you. But, there is an underlying reason that brings me back and keeps me where I ought to be. That reason is my love for the Lord. At times, it has caused me to be ostracized. At others times it has caused me to weep, still others, it has caused me to champion "my kids," a cause, etc. 

But, hear this. Just as I was a passionate teacher and tried to give my best to my students, I am a passionate Christian who tries to give her best to the Lord. It seems that I have something called influence, well a little bit, anyway. (smile) Just like Lois and Eunice from the book of Timothy, I utilize that influence for the Lord. 

What I am trying to say and doing a wordy job of it is that I do not know who is looking at the examples that I set, be they good or bad examples. Since, I know that I am leaving this world one day, I want to leave a legacy that says, "Doing What I Can, While I Can." Doing for Whom, for Jesus. That is who I am. I look on this entire world as a classroom and myself as a student, at times, too. 

Well, enough said on this subject, but you remember; little eyes are looking at you and that little eyes grow up to be big eyes. We are moving on. What are we leaving behind? Hm-m-m? Now you know the real Alma Jones! Y'all, be blessed!

Aside - "Ain't ashamed to be His child and yelling it from the tallest mountain in my world, the printed page and the life I try to live."
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