Friday, June 3, 2016

So Much!

Good morning, all. 
Sometimes people will look for 
Excuses to not like you at all 
And they often wish with all their hearts
 To see you take a fall.

About me, people often say
"She thinks she is so much!"
But what those people do not know
Or just plain fail to see
Is the fact that what they perceive 
As arrogant independence is 
Jesus' touch in me.

He didn't give me sisters
Like most of you have
Instead, He gave me independence
Coupled with faith and a little tenacity
So that I could do the task
That has been laid out for me
In all of its complexity.

What you have perceived
As my "assumed superiority" 
Has made you decide to try to turn 
The tables of fate against me.

Should I obey God or should I choose
To try to please man...
Don't know about you
But "imma"  do everything that I can
While I can; that is the part that "So Much" 
(i.e., my love for the Lord) plays in my life
Hoping to hear my Lord say
"In spite of the obstacles that
Were put in her way
For me she still ran
And she did not let her walk
Be deterred by any woman or man."

To Ponder:
  1. What is the primary and secondary feeling tone of this poem? Explain your answer with citations from the poem.
  2. What part does tenacity play in this poem?
  3. How would you guess, if you had to, that heaven feels about this poem? About the poet? Substantiate please.
Doing What I Can, 
While I Can
Alma Jones

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