Thursday, June 2, 2016

Moving All the Time!

Hello, all! Moving all of the time. Things are happening with regard to my work and I am ecstatic about it all. As you know, I am finalizing plans to go to Orlando. The response to the giveaway in the U.S. has been overwhelming! I thank you all for that.

Now, as to my international readers, I did a test email just to be sure that the email that I set up is operational, and it is. So let me hear from you. There are several of you from various countries around the world and I thank you for that. I do have five autographed copies waiting for five lucky people. So let's hear it for shouting out loud, our love for the Lord! You have been with me this long, so don't stop now. This autographed copy may be liquid gold one day. (Tee hee) Yes, I can dream, too. You never know...
There are other things in the works now, as well, such as producing an audio book and, and, and...oh, so much that I get giddy just thinking about it, but I'd better not say anymore right now. Mums the word you know.

Now, be all of that as it may; never forget that we are moving spiritually all of the time. There is a clock that has been wound and set and we do not know when we will have our last tick-tock of the clock. So-o-o, let's remember to always BYDWP and stay close to Him as we live our lives here in preparation for living with Him eternally! Some kind of moving, is it not? Ah-h-h, as great as life can be down here, joys such as we have never known will be ours over there...

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Here is the email address for my international users once again.
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