Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Little Housecleaning (next page)

In the blog for June 6, you were asked to explain why you thought the piece for that day was titled as  it was. It was titled, "Pause for Station Identification."
Back when radios used to pause for station identification, that meant that they wanted to remind you where you were (i.e., that you were on their particular station). This blog was entitled as it was for that day, to remind us all why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. It is all of our jobs to train the next generation and we know that children will do things that they ought not to do, especially if their parents are not around. How do we know this? The Bible says that, pretty much. Here are a couple of scriptures to consider
(To be cont.)
Proverbs 22:6 and Psalms 78:1-8. In short this piece from June 6, was to remind us that though we are here now, that is only a temporary situation.

We are leaving here everyday 
So let us leave something behind 
In our leaving, from our living.

One last tidbit to share with all
Don't you remember when you were 
A child and some adult who was not your
Mom or Dad saved you from doing something bad?

And now you look back on those days
With a joyful sense of relief
Then we, too must be that beckoning beacon 
Of safety to help today's youth
Who need guidance just as much
As we did and that my friend
Is the truth
If it ever were to be told
We have to help save children from themselves
For under some of that dross, is gold.

Again, Mom we stick our noses
Where they don't belong
Because many a child has been 
Saved from following the path labeled, "Wrong"
By a meddling old busybody who
Would not leave other folks children alone
And we can step a little lighter
In knowing that we have handed
Our batons to sound minded souls
And that all will be well when we are all gone.

Somebody told us and we told you
And we're thankful for the "old busybodies"
Who helped us make it through
For the voice of reason often whispers
"Had it not been for them, just think 
What would have happened to you?"
Just sayin'...

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones
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