Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shout Out Loud!

I had to go back and delete the listing information about my book on yesterday's blog. It displayed everything in a long vertical column instead of the usual manner that we are accustomed to reading in. At any rate, our book is available on Amazon. If you go to and type in my name, it will take you to my author page or you may type in W.O.W. created w.o.w.
You have come this far with me, and for that I am grateful. Won't you go a little further as we raise our voices together?

As I told you earlier, there will be a book signing on the 21st of May (this Saturday), and I will be displaying and signing our book for the first time. That promises to be a "moment in time" for me. Yes, I will be placing a slip of paper in my jar for the year to date. (tee hee) I am not at the top of the pinnacle of excitement anymore, but I am still pretty buoyed up! I have a sustained slowed excitement, now. But I can tell you this; it won't take much to make me start whooping again. (tee hee) Yes, I see that you are laughing; well it is good to know that you are laughing with me. And you know what? we deserve our joy and laughter for we have been in the trenches together (i.e., when I was struggling for the next word to write or the next subject to attempt and you when you struggled through my attempts at being witty. Yet, we made it! And I am sure that we say together, "To God, be the glory!"

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - After Saturday, it is on to Orlando! Woo hoo!

Aside 2 - We will talk about yesterday's poems after, the 25th of June, okay? Hm-m-m...what's she up to now? (Tee hee, it's hard to put one over on you isn't it?) If you have figured out what I meant, then how very astute of you. If you have not, that's okay. You have all the way to the 25th of June to ponder over it. After that, I will tell you, if it is the Lord's will.

Well, gotta run. More writing calls and duty does, too.
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