Sunday, May 22, 2016

On to Orlando!

Good Sunday morning to you all! BYDWP.
The book signing went well, yesterday. The reception to W.O.W. created w.o.w. was good. People, at first were skeptical, but after hearing that it contained stories as well as poetry, they were intrigued. This is the way it generally went:

  • First thing to happen would be that people would gravitate to my table because of the cover of W.O.W. created w.o.w.
  • Then the letdown to find that it was, "Oh, poetry." This was always said with a look of loathing or of polite disdain.
  • But, when I explained that this book of poetry was different in that it contained poetry groups with short stories written  to coincide with each group, interest was kindled.
  • Then I gave a short synopsis of one of the stories within. Let me tell you, those folks were hanging on to my every word. I used the story telling voice that I had learned from my days of sitting at my Momma's knee and listening to her employ her craft to keep us, her children entertained (since we did not have a television in our home). 
  • Since I had sold some before I got to the book signing,  I parted with a total of eleven of W.O.W. created w.o.w. and one of my Part 1's of my paranormal series, A Suspenseful Paranormal Event. Not bad at all, wouldn't you say?
So, as the title of today's post suggests, it's "On to Orlando!" Wish me well. Did you get your copy yet? This book, I do believe is going to take the poetry world by storm! I say that because of people's reaction to it. Not necessarily because of the poetry written within, but because of the unique structure of the book! I will keep you posted as we go along.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Some snapshots for your perusal...
The green table is mine! I will have to tell you the story of color choice on another day.

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