Monday, May 16, 2016

No Explanation Necessary

"To one who has faith, no explanation, is necessary.
To one without faith, no explanation is possible."
– Thomas Aquinas

It has often been said that "faith moves mountains." I thought about that saying this morning and this is what I came up with when I analyzed it, "If you believe in something with all of your heart, you will not let anything nor anybody keep you from attempting to accomplish it, gain it, etc." What you will do is, take the venture, project, etc. apart and work on tiny aspects of it. You will work it out one step at a time, but will always keep striving to reach the big picture that you carry in your heart. 

One step at a time, that brings to mind the poem that I wrote for you on this past Friday, doesn't it?

Hold on
To that dream
Don't you dare let
Anyone steal it, no matter
How dire situations seem, for
I have found that events in life are
Often like climbing up stairs that you
Though, eager must take one step at a time.

You see that I built that poem in the shape of stairs. And how do you get to the top of the stairs, exactly, one step at a time! So too, is our life as a Christian. We must learn to persevere and remember that, despite our failing attempts, we must keep trying. For, there once was a time when you could not navigate stairs, but you kept on trying. And now look at you! Going up those stairs without giving it a second thought.

Just a little something to think about this Monday morning. What! What did you just say? Aw, come on now... Well, you may not remember trying to learn to climb steps, but wired as I am, I remember it. I remember wanting my momma or my daddy to pick me up and carry me up those things and I remember feeling lost when they went up them without me (though it was only three steps). I remember crying and   thinking that I was going to fall, but I remember learning to crawl up them to reach my Momma's or my daddy's arms. Then came the task of learning to go down the steps! I remember learning to sit down and put my feet on the next step going down and scooting down to that step. I remember looking back at that step and doing the same thing for the next step except, I remember using my hands to leverage me up and let me down on the next step in a gentle fashion so as to not scrap my back this time. Ye-e-es, I see that it is beginning to come back to you. Uhm hum, I thought so. (tee hee) We can look back on those days of learning and smile now, can't we? Sure we can, and you know what? Here's another point to bear in mind as you navigate the twists, turns and situations of this life (i.e., climb steps to get to where we are going). Just like your parents taught you, with love, to navigate those stairs by first teaching you to go up one step at a time, and next teaching you to go down them, our Lord does the same thing. He teaches us to navigate steps in preparation for navigating stairs, in preparation for carrying loads up and down those stairs, in preparation for, one day going up those heavenly stairs to live with Him forevermore. Ah-h-h, yes. What are a few steps when compared to that, hm-m-m? Uhm hum, I thought you'd see it like that. (smile)

Hey, wait a minute! I did not tell
You, "Good morning" did I? Well
Please excuse me and good morning
To you and have a pleasant day
My, my, I see busy days acomin' our way.
Begin to decipher what I mean by the verse
That was written above; it is no mystery at
All but since you did ask
It just means that we are moving on toward
Navigating another set of stairs as we learn
The in's and out's of fulfilling another task.
"What task?" you ask
Why the task of marketing our book and
Letting it be known
That W.O.W. created w.o.w. is finished
And the production of it is a process
By which we all have grown.
I knew you were going to ask that...
I have grown in learning how to
Structure my words so that they
Are of interest to you
As I shout my love for the Lord
And you have grown by realizing that
You, dear friend, in reading my blog
Are helping me shout, too!
Oh, so you liked the way that I worked
The greeting into our blog today
I thought that you would
Somebody might ask, Why do you
Take such pains in doing the things
That you do and my answer is that
One day I won't be "Doing What I Can
While I Can", for my doing time will be over
And the legacy that I will have left
Will be my writing and my life's example
For someone to say, 'She did work for
Him while she could."

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Don't forget that there will be an eleven author book signing this Saturday, May 21, in Mayfield, KY, at the Graves County Public Library from 1-4p.m. I solicit your prayers that the event be a resounding success.

Aside 2 - How do you move mountains, prayerfully.
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