Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Day

Hello, all! Have your coffee, if you haven't or if you drink it. Me, nothing yet, but will eat a bowl of (yuck) oatmeal in a few. Nope! I don't like it, but I am learning to eat it gracefully. I find that the one that has dates, raisins and walnuts in it goes down easier for me. Give me some eggs, bacon toast, juice and jelly anytime and I am in hog heaven. Tee hee Well, I had better leave that thought alone because it will only serve to remind me that I must get that oatmeal down. Ha ha Okay, oka-a-y! I hear you. You like it. Well I don't, humph. But I am like a little child who is determined to eat his spinach because then he can have a piece of cake. Just like that child, I'm saying, "Imma do it! Imma eat this stuff so I can have my cake." I won't have cake, but don't talk about it too much or I will be in that kitchen stirring up one. And you know this! So, I am going to have a nice juicy, succulent orange, instead. Yes! I am going to enjoy it because some of the juice will be running down my chin and the rest of the juice will be playing a symphony with my tongue and the back of my throat as it trickles on down the sides of my esophagus, caressing all the way. Ha ha Bet you didn't know an orange could taste so good with words, did you? Well, y'all know how I feel about oranges because I told you in an earlier blog. In case you didn't get to read that blog or didn't get the message clearly enough right now, here it is again. I LOVE ORANGES! Tee hee well enough ice breaking, let's move on to our topic for today of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day, where I live, is a day set aside for remembering all of those who have given their lives in service to their country. It seems to say, "You died so that I might live." Take a look at this brief poem that I have whipped up for you just now:

Soldier, soldier brave and true
You died so that I might live
To insure my safety
Your life, you did give.

Because you died for me
I am going to live for you
And I am going to do the things
That I know you would want me to.

Since I did not get to know you
Because I am several generations past
The days that you walked this land
I will carry on your legacy
And make sure that memories
Of your sacrifice do last.

My momma told me about you
When I was just a toddler
And I'll do my best to show this world
That living in me is a lesson
For all men to pay attention to
A lesson that says because you died for me
I will live for you.

Now, on the surface, this poem is talking about a soldier who died for the safety of his family. Oh, what love he had for them! Now what I want you to do is take this poem a little deeper, change some letters to capitals and tell me Who else this poem is alluding to. So, now that you know what has been done for you, what, if you haven't already, are you going to do? I know; its deep isn't it? But that is one of the joys of poetry. It can speak on many levels.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Still pumped about the upcoming book signing in Orlando!
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