Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ladies Day Meeting

Hello, all. I have taken a bit of a pause in my day to blog with you a bit.
Attended a Ladies' Day at the Sparks St., in Paris, TN. this morning. I had my proof copy of W.O.W. with me and sold two reserved ones almost on the spot. One lady kept saying, "I just saw that book on Facebook. Let me see that book? This is nice!" Another one said, "Girl, look at chu. This is a pretty book!" So, it seems that the cover made people want to take a look within.

Well, gotta go get Sunday dinner ready so, let me fly. Lord willing, I will be back with you on tomorrow with a little snippet of something. And if you did not BYDWP, the day is not over yet.

In the meantime, enjoy a poem from W.O.W. created w.o.w.

My mother told me, a long time ago 

That something bad been trying to
Get my attention all of my life
While I don’t understand some of the 

Weird happenings that I have been privy to 
I do believe that everything will be explained 
To me when due.

So I have to walk with patience on 

And always try to do my best
For I do believe with all my heart 

That my life was planned from the start.

Planned for what, I do not know 
That has not been expressed to me yet
But the end result will not be average 
On that I’m pretty sure that I can bet!
Jer. 29:11
  1. Has the speaker had an average life?
  2. What in the poem made you say what you did in your
    answer to #1? 

    Doing What I Can, While I Can,
    Alma Jones

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