Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chopping My Row

Slept in this morning. So, how are you doing this Tuesday morning? I am doing okay.

The title of this blog today is the name of my next book. I will let you know, from time to time, how I am doing with it. 

Since we are talking about that horrible stuff that can be on a row, lets see what to do with Johnson grass (trouble in the max, you know one situation right after another) on your row (i.e. in your life).
Get your hoe sharpened well. Make sure that you have a good lunch. Get some extra help with the chopping of the grass. Be prepared for your muscles to be sore when you get through the patch. You may have to rub up in some lineament. This entire situation can be likened to a supercell of a storm in our lives. 

  • Make sure that you are prayed up (hoe sharpened).
  • Make sure that you are well read up in your Bible (a good lunch).
  • Prayer partners will help you make it through the storm (chopping of the grass). "Prayers of the righteous availeth much."
  • Be prepared for the "why me" blues to try to settle in (sore muscles).
  • Worship services will soothe your battered muscles of faith (soothing lineament).

"I know you feel like it's going to kill you
I did too
I know you feel like you can't take it
I did too
I know you feel like this will make u crazy
I thought that too
But you MUST endure THIS !
Your breakthrough/Anointing is on the other side of this trouble you're walking through.
Your only way out.... is to go through it."

Remember that I talked to you about the other side of "through." When it's over, when it is all over, then the celebration will begin. And you will celebrate! I know; been there done that.
Yes, storms will come from time to time with various intensity levels. But, think about this! Remember Job in the Bible? The worst part of his storms was the last part. That, my friend, lets you know that you must be close to "the other side of through," (i.e. your storm being over). Hm-m-m, another way to say this is, "It's always darkest before the dawn."

So, tell yourself, "I can and will make it because I trust Him to lead me to the other side of "through."
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