Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Keeping Your Head Above Water

Good morning, all.  How are you doing this Wednesday morning? I hope that you are managing to keep your faith head above the water of disillusionment. However, if you are not or if it is becoming more difficult to do so, we will deal with that a little today, and when we finish that task, we will interpret my poem from yesterday. Also, I will be explaining the vibrant green and white checkered image that I posted on yesterday and reposted for your convenience today. Okay?

Have you ever heard that old song that has the words in it that say,  "I am so glad (so glad) that troubles don't last always." That song, as I look back on it, in my mind's eye, was the older generation's way of helping themselves and their fellowman to cope with whatever adversarial situations that they might have been going through at the time. That was just another way of saying, "This too, shall pass."  Hence, if you are going through something that is about to get the best of you and you find it hard to keep holding on; if you find yourself feeling like you have taken all that you can and that you cannot take any more; I say to you, "Hold on; this too shall pass." Whatever it is that you have been going through, keep praying, hoping and believing for you may be close to reaching the other side of "through." That means that you may be close to ending your current stormy situation. You may be getting ready for the thrill of living victoriously on the other side of that storm that had you in its grip.

Listen to this poem and I hope it blesses your spirit if you have been languishing due to a perpetual storm.

You know what somebody
Said to me the other day
"You made me feel much better
By what you had to say.
I was down in the dumps
Before I started talking to you
But now, I feel revived and refueled
Because of the glory of God in you."
Heading for the other side of through
Umph! Umph! Umph!
This ought to speak volumes to you
What chu say
 I'm saying that
"The Lord is faithful & He is true."
Yes, fellow traveler, I can attest to
 The fact that He is skillful in leading
His children to the other side of "through"
So, don't give up on Him,whatever you do
For remember, faith is what He wants from you.
All to Him I surrendered 
All to Him I freely gave 
Now my soul is satisfied
For I have what my heart craved.
(This verse simply says that the writer pledged his/her whole life to the Lord, to do with as He saw fit. The writer is saying that as a result of giving his/her life to the Lord,  He has blessed him/her with the thing that he/she wanted most.)

Hello, all! 
Such a lovely color pattern
Don't you think?
If you look at it long
It will make you blink
For sure, it pleases the taste
For this purpose better
 Than the preferred wearing color
Of the brightest pink.
(This verse talks about the eye-catching shade of green. It says that this green is one that will pop out at a person and grab a person's attention. The writer seems to prefer to wear a bright shade of pink, so this pattern has nothing to do with clothing, but it certainly serves the writer's purpose.) 
Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones has done her
Signing off this way
What in the world is she doing
What is she trying to say?
(Since we all know that I am Alma Jones, we know that I am a writer. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that I have a book at the publishers right now. So, I have chosen this eye-catching green and white check, but for what purpose? Well a book covered in that pattern would certainly get your attention; don't you agree? It would get your attention so much that you would pick it up off of the shelf, right? That green pattern also says to me warm, fireside chat. That is the feeling tone that I  have tried to maintain throughout my blog and that is the feeling tone of my latest book, W.O.W. created w.o.w.)
As I told you before, this book was written with the intention of encouraging my fellow man and perpetuating faith in my God. I told you that,  as a reader of my blog,  you are a part of the tallest mountain in my world. Remember that I said that I have no shame when it comes to telling the masses what the Lord is to my life and can be to theirs, as well. Well this bright green and white, "grab your attention book" is an attempt to do just that. If you buy my book, as a part of my mountain from which I am yelling and talk about the book in a favorable way to your family, friends, co-workers, etc., then you will be helping me in my mission. I trust that you will like what is in the book as it follows the same format somewhat of my blog. I am sharing the creating process with you from time to time. If you like the slant of my stories on my blog, then you will like the stories that I have included in my book. It will hit the stores in less than six weeks. I do think that this book will have even poetry haters buying it for the encouraging poems and the heartfelt and sometimes humorous stories within. I salute you, my blog readers, the tallest mountain in my world! Here's to waiting to see what the world thinks of W.O.W. created w.o.w.
Shouting About It as I Do What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones 
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