Friday, March 25, 2016

Tie-in Finished

Hello, all. As you can see, I got the tie-in finished. I would be interested in hearing your take on how I handled the tie-in. Drop me a line on my blog and let me hear what you think, okay?

Some people go through life thinking about nobody but themselves. Everything is about them. People like that always want to be the person who receives the benefit or advantages (beneficiary). These type of people always seem to be collecting approval (garnering). “Always do for self instead of others” seems to be their motto (lieu).

That description fit Moss Hartley to a tee. You can understand why Dr. Horatio, our town’s general practitioner, became concerned when Moss, after a bout with malaria, became benevolent (philanthropic). Most people did not find Moss’ change of habits believable (plausible). His selfish acts had always been automatic (repetitive). So when Gus, our town ne’er-do-well, moved into Moss Hartley’s rental trailer on the edge of town, and Moss could not be found, the townspeople were justified in being suspicious. They backed Chief Grizzlebud one hundred percent when he asked Gus to provide evidence to support his assertation that Moss had told him that he could live in the trailer free (substantiate).

Needless to say, due to Gus’ long-term habit of imbibing alcohol, no one believed his claim that Moss had, indeed, given him leave to stay in the trailer in exchange for keeping watch over his estate. Chief Grizzlebud had thrown Gus in jail and told him that his brain cells were eaten up by his habit of being constantly inebriated (dendrites). No one believed his intermittent outbursts that Moss had given him permission to stay in the trailer (spasmodic).

Moss Hartley, a man, who had become known for his stinginess[i]; who would not even spend the money to allow himself one soda pop a week[ii]; and who had never taken a vacation in his life[iii], had finally seen the light. He had taken a trip to Cancun!

[i] Direction of cash flow
[ii] One cold drink in a week
[iii] A shorter vacation in lieu of a longer one
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

As I told you before
Life can be what you make it
You become known for your habits
Yep, what you do says a lot about you.

If you are stingy, the word will get around
If you are generous, new friends abound
So you must be wise and always
Yourself, with real friends, surround.

The things that you say do not override
The things that you do
For your actions live on long after
Words have been silenced for you.
As I have told you time and time again 
 You can make words do whatever you want them to
The bottom line dear reader
 It's all up to you.
Aside 1 - And no, I did not forget your poem. tee hee.
Aside 2 - Oh well, duty calls. Gotta run. Have biscuits to make.
Aside 3 - Somebody said to me the other day, "How do you do the things that you do?" To which, I replied, "Have you not heard? God is able!"
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