Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Lion Hunts

Hello, all.  Let's get right to it, shall we? Yesterday's poem could have had several underlying meanings, could it not?
Here are some possible scenarios:

  • A child playing with his favorite set of blocks and an older sibling kicks the bottom block causing an entire wall to collapse. Can you imagine the hubbub that would ensue?
  • Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall could be a possible scenario.
  • The undermining of a President could be a scenario.
  • The overthrow of a ruler could be a scenario.
  • Jesus said, "That you do, do quickly."
Enough said about that. Now for today, you were to attempt to write two poems on the following sentence:  "The lion hunts where the wind sports free." You were asked to try two poetry types. Here are two of the ones that I came up with.

The first one is an acrostic poem. As you can see, "this type of poem, which may or may not rhyme,  has the first, last or other letters in a line spelling out a particular word or phrase."
African lions hide in prairie grass and
Decide to attack
Venturing forth by night or day
Encircling their prey
Resulting in the prey
Sprinting to get
Away from the charging lions
Running into a set ambush
Yielding food for the head male and pride.
The second type is a cinquain (pronounced sin cane).  This kind of poem, by definition, does not rhyme. It has a total of five lines with a specific number of syllables in each line. Take a look at the format of a cinquain.
Line 1 -- 2 syllables
Line 2 -- 4 syllables
Line 3 -- 6 syllables
Line 4 -- 8 syllables
Line 5 -- 2 syllables
(My first cinquain:)
Like some folks, hide
Within normalcy, their
Intention to attack and then
Spring it.
(My second cinquain:)
Who are hungry
Hide out in the tall grass
Of the Serengeti prairie
(My last cinquain:) 
Can have their mouths
Clamped shut so they can do
No harm, for the winds of Jesus
Hold them.
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - I hope that you are beginning to get, not only joy from poetry, but an understanding of some of the fundamentals of it as well. Poetry is an art that you can make as light-hearted or as deep as you desire.
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