Tuesday, January 5, 2016

When Your Storm Becomes Your Norm

Hello everybody! A happy Tuesday to you, I hope.
If you are in a storm, go ahead and ride it out for you will develop your spiritual muscles. I have shared a poem of mine from my new storied anthology, W.O.W. created w.o.w.  This poem and my accompanying Tweets will bless your spirit, I hope.

How Much More?

Have been broken many times

Only to be mended again

Can barely see how it all started       

And cannot see the end.

One just has to keep plodding along

In hopes of a better deal

Realizing, it matters not how much one hurts

Nor how tired one might feel.

Perhaps, life works much like muscles do

They get stronger only after they get sore

Yet, a body wonders what else life has in mind

One often wonders, “How much more?”

Heb. 6:15

Matt. 11:27-29

For Pondering:
1.  What do the underlined phrases mean?
Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
Hard blows the gale
For it's a mighty storm
To buffet the person of faith
To become his/her norm
To make a person of
Muscles with rare form

Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
When a storm is raging
In your life, full-blast
Just hold on to your faith
& you hold fast
'Cause all storms do end
They can't always last.

Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
When you get your storm legs
You can help others
If they see you being strong
In battle to own storms
Yet taking time to aid your brother.

Alma L. Jones (@Jonesa54Jones)
Jesus, the Master Stiller of storms
Does not always move them
For He knows that because of your battle
Muscles of strong faith will form.

Just know, person of faith, when the storm is over, your faith muscles will be strong! As to the question raised by the first poem, Jesus knows how much more. What you, me and all of the rest need to remember is that Jesus sees, cares and is able! So, in the meantime, let's adjust our spiritual  backpacks and keep going, for if we carry it long enough, it becomes the norm and thereby makes us stronger!

Alma L. Jones
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