Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rationale for W.O.W. (Cont.)

I chose to let the book speak for itself! 
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma L. Jones
Aside - On yesterday, we left off in the middle of some office drama, didn't we? I had asked you to build a story a story attachment onto mine that would encapsulate the poem satisfactorily. then I had asked you to explain each line of the poem, with particular attention being paid to the blue highlighted section.
Here is our poem from yesterday:
Joy pours through my veins
Through the sunshine and through
Showers of rain
...Rain makes the flowers grow
- Per your faith, there you go.

My scenario ended with our young lady being fired by what she thought was her best buddy at the office. That part of the story, while crushing is not necessarily the end for the fired young lady. How so? Well, take a look at the last line of the poem. If your faith is strong in the Lord, then you will lean on Him in all types of situations, but you will not give up.  If you believe in Romans 8:28 (All things work together for good for those that love the Lord), then you will cry some but you will pray and wait and wait and pray. You might even have a pity party for a moment, but you will keep trusting in Him. That's why the last line says, what it does about faith.

Now the part of the poem that talks about rain making flowers grow, may be a bit hard for you to tie in with the fired young lady, but it shouldn't be.
Let me give you a quick ending to the story. Through being asked to leave the office and the seeming betrayal of her close friend and while trying to drive home through the rain of tears, she was never alone. she had the Lord with her. her faith had taken a beating, but she did not stand alone. that is the beauty of being His child. Your enemy may mean something dreadful to happen to you because of the trap that they set for you, BUT GOD (if you are a faithful believing Christian) already has worked things out, even if you don't know it or can't see it yet.

The fired young lady having been jaded one time too many, would draw out of her savings, annuity, early retirement etc. and give her life totally to the Lord and concentrate prayerfully on her writing. She would still continue to, "Reach for the Stars", as her mother had often instructed her to.  The end result could have been a book such as the one mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

What I am saying is this, "Trust in the Lord and as my Gran Gran used to say, 'I declare, He will make it alright!'"

Enjoyed blogging with you today and as always BYDWP.

Goodness me! Where are my manners? I told you goodbye before I said good morning. Well, we will rectify that right now. Good morning! (tee hee)
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