Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Any Way You Count It, Victory is Mine!

Hello everyone! A joyous day for sure. Don't know what it will bring. But I do know, that in His love I am secure! And I will trust Him in everything.

Poem 1
You don't count on
Being left alone so that
It can be seen
What's in your heart
Yet GOD did Hezekiah that way
Like things may be done today.


Poem 2
No one likes the twisting and turning
That come along with the scrubbing 
But it's thru the washing
That your true colors show
A fact that I know.

Compare and contrast the theme of the two poems above and then, the poems themselves. This is a fun one, yet beneficial for us too.

Check out my Twitter for today. It does provide food for thought.

Doing What I Can, While I Can as I Lean on Ultimately
Alma Jones

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