Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Like a Timex

Hello all. A lot of the time, things just don't go the way we thought they would or the way we want them to. In fact, a lot of the time life can crush you. Now you take the first and third verses of the poem that I provided for you on yesterday:

Auxillo Ab Alto

I know that if I please You
I will be exalted in Your love
That blessings will rain down upon me
Like nectar from above.

Thank You for giving me the poem
That I just now wrote
For sending it to me Lord, as
To Your throne, I spoke.

Thank You for my being a recipient 
Of Your amazing grace
Because it takes away all of my fears and doubts
And puts serenity in its place
No matter what kinds of trials I face.

I see Your justice and righteousness
They, like the sun, come shining through
So, I go where You send me
And do what you want me to do
Because I know that wherever I go and
Whatever hardships I see
That Your amazing grace and winged
Protection will continue to sustain me.

Isaiah 50:4
Jeremiah 9:24

The verse that is highlighted in blue seems to be saying that all kinds of wonderful things are going to happen because of the speaker's pleasing the Lord, right? And I know that you can just imagine some of those things. Now, looking at the verse highlighted in yellow, we see a different feeling tone. The speaker here seems to be saying that they are very appreciative of the Lord's love. The speaker seems to be saying, further, that though they have fears and doubts and trials, they have serenity because they know that the Lord cares. Hmm-m-m, what explains the difference between the two verses? Has there been a passage of time between the two verses; are there two different speakers; what gives? 

Verse 2 pretty much nullifies the passage of time theory and I can assure you that the speaker in both sections of the poem is one and the same. The last verse ties it together for us. It says that just like the sunshine is ever with us, so is His love. It continues to send warmth as a display of His love. That is a constant. The first verse may also be a praise to the Lord that is an attempt to say thank You and to assure the continuance of blessings and as a defense against the times when nothing goes right and everything come apart, even those things that one thought was nailed down. The last verse uses the phrase "continues to sustain."  That is a recognition of the divine protection that has already been accorded.  

As to the question of which of the two given scriptures better fits with the poem, that would depend solely upon the reader's station in life at the time of the reading, don't you think?

The other two verses that I penned this morning, are to give added encouragement to keep on stepping as we make our way to our new home, which is on that other shore.

Lord, you brought me this far

And You will lead me on
Until the day that I leave this world
To grace the one where
You built my new home.

Have had disappointments 
& will probably have some more 
But folks, that will make it that much grander
When I get to that other shore.

Stepping on,

Alma Jones
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