Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hold Up! Wait a Minute!

Good Sunday morning everyone! Have done my praying and had my green tea. Now, it's time to blog with you. Sharing a poem from my Facebook Poetess/Author's page.
Let's say that the following poem is a conversation being carried on among three people:

What is that I smell
Smells like somebody scorched some eggs
No it smells like a smoke bomb
Or maybe like when grandmother
Used to burn sulphur
I only smell it when the wind swells
Oh that... That may be the "Winds
Of war" that you smell
Say what!

What in the world does a windswell have to do with "Winds of war?" Hm-mm... Bears thinking about. Let me se-e-e... (This question led you to where several people's concerns were (maybe yours too) so that I could lead you to where I want you to be according to God's glory.)

I have been dealing (for the last couple of blogs) with something that seems to be on the minds of many at this time. That is sabre-rattling. So, I have taken a jingle that my friends and I used to sing as children and modified it to fit the current situation of concern.

Hold up! Wait a minute!
Gotta put some Jesus in it!
Yes, yes! Yes, yes!

That is a simple childhood jingle but it has been tailored to match life. In all things, great and small, give praise and glory to the Lord Jesus. Before you start to panic,

  2. REMEMBER THE LESSONS OF SECULAR HISTORY  They prayed. "HAPPY IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD." Those are not just idle words my friend. 
  3. REMEMBER TO READ YOUR BIBLE. Look at this scripture and see if it does not quieten your spirit. Psalm 46 with particular attention given to verses 1, 6-9 and 11. That whole chapter soothes my soul and it will yours  too.
  4. Remember that Hebrews 4:16 is a welcome mat to pray and express all of our concerns to HIM! Instead of panicking, use the welcome mat - bow your knees and pray. I do...
Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.) Take a prayerful spirit of praise with you as you attend worship today.

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