Saturday, January 9, 2016

Faith Moves Mountains

Hi there! Hope you are having a good day so far. Today, I thought that I would broaden, for some of you, your understanding of poetry. You know I have been telling you that poetry is the framework for a story. You just supply the details. It is like I have given you a rack of rib bones (the poem) and now I have  supplied you with a possible story to wrap the poetry in (in other words, meat to put on the bones). Watch, as I build a"What if" story to wrap my poem in. Here we go:

"I have a BIG secret and I won't tell!"  said Kayla (eyebrows moving up and down).

How did that quote make you feel? Yes, like most folks, you would want to know what has this person so giddy that her eyebrows are moving up and down. Shall we see what has Kayla so happy or shall we just leave it be?  I mean after all, we all know the "Kayla's" of this world and that she, like her sisters, will spill it sooner or later, right?

Oh, oh, here she comes again!
Hey! The secret I know has something special to do with you (pointing to you) and you (pointing to me) and you and you and you! Oops, already said too much!" Kayla goes sidling back out of the break area. 

Now we both know that it wouldn't be quiet in the break room long after that announcement. Somebody would  say something, and it would probably be something like, "Ok, spill it; what'd you five do to be part of a BIG secret that involves none of the rest of  us?"  Now, though this would be said in a joking manner, we both know that the speaker either would have jealousy stirred in his mind or he would have just ignited it in the minds of the rest of your coworkers, or both.

You and I would look up to see darting glances shot our way, but nobody would say anything else. The temperature in the break room would drop noticeably by several degrees. I would look at you and you would look at me and we would give an exaggerated shrug of our shoulders. Just that gesture would ease the tension in the room noticeably. You and I, both would be relieved, but not for long.

We would eat in companionable silence for a few minutes and then the break room door would open. In would walk the Boss, followed by Kayla. He would clear his throat, say good morning and give you a pointed look for a few seconds. Then he would get his coffee and go back out, leaving Kayla in the break room. Kayla, would start humming a little tune to herself  and ignore everyone else.

Nobody would dare ask Kayla a thing, since the Boss would have just left the break room and uppermost in everybody's mind would be the fact that Kayla was his step-daughter. You and I would shoot silent glances to one another that would say, "Wonder what in the world is going on! We'll take lunch at our favorite drive thru and we will talk in the car." We would have transmitted that thought without saying a word, since that was the way we did when we had something too big for office ears to hear.

Kayla would  gather her snack box and head out, as we all would. Break would be over. We would  head to our offices and not for the first time, I would  be glad that I had an office way past the central island and that there was no way to get to it without being seen by central island staff. I would not have wanted to have to explain anything to anybody about something that I knew nothing about. As I would pass by, I would feel like eyes were boring into my back from the central island staff, but I would be too chicken hearted to look back and see. I would go on to my office and would soon be immersed in work.

An hour later, my office door would open and in would walk the Boss followed by you. You would look overjoyed, but very uncomfortable, too. The Boss would say that  you had something you needed to tell me. You would say that you have received a promotion and have just been placed in charge of our team. You would tell me that your new team (our old one) will  have a total of four, including yourself. I would look at you and breathe a sigh of relief. I would figure that, as close as we are, you were going to name me as your second in command or some such thing. I, also, would know that one of the others would lose their job and while I would be sorry for them, I would just be  glad it was not me.

Then would you say, "This is a very hard decision for me, but the company has to let you go today and  will give you severance pay in lieu of your two weeks notice and of course, any references that you  need." My hand would shake, and I would spill my Mountain Dew and I would say, "What about this account that I have been exclusively working on?" You would reply that Kayla would be taking it over as she had been studying it for a month anyway. I would give you a look that said, "You knew?" You would respond with a, "I have a family and besides, I owe you nothing!" look. Then you would ask for my keys, to which I would respond by handing them over. My movements would be stilted and meat would have been able to have kept in my office right about then.

Okay, I gave you a little snippet of a story and my poem follows it. what I would like for you to do is:

1. Build a story attachment onto mine that would encapsulate the poem satisfactorily. Please explain each line of the poem, with particular attention being paid to the blue highlighted section.

Joy pours through my veins
Through the sunshine and through
Showers of rain
...Rain makes the flowers grow
- Per your faith, there you go.

We will take this up again on tomorrow, if the Lord wills.
As always, BYDWP

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

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