Thursday, December 10, 2015

So, Old Friend, You’re Back Again


Hello everyone. Peace and grace to you this Thursday morning. Hope, by now you have had your coffee or tea. Me, I had a huge dose of my special daughter coupled with several other storm cycles. Oh yeah, I had a heaping helping of her last night as well. Though she(my daughter)  is in a group home, she still reaches out and touches when she chooses to. She got her Daddy in a jerk, the case worker in a jerk and tried to get me in a jerk. I didn’t let her know that it worked, but boy, did it ever! I could have boxed a buzzard, I was so uptight. Then I calmed down, saw it for what it was and put it in its place. What next? Who knows, only time will tell. One thing about it though, I will keep going until I can go no more (that means until I drop literally). I figure anything else that crops up, the Lord can handle a lot easier than I can. The Bible says, "Cast all of our cares on Him" and that is just what I am going to do. Whatever this day entails, I am giving it all to Him. Then I am going to just watch Him move. Sometimes, in life, we have to be reminded of just how dependent upon Him we are. I didn’t think I needed reminding, but apparently so. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, it’s His. Me? I am going to take a nice leisurely walk, eat my breakfast and curl up with a good book and travel to the land where troubles are whipped right back into place lickety-split!

You see, ever so often, it’s like my adversary says, “Hmm-m, she is rocking along rather smoothly. Lets shake her up a bit. Ha ha ha” Then my cycle of trouble begins. Of course, there is the perpetual trouble that you have been living with so long that it is like a second skin. Sometimes, I am amazed and wonder what in the world the enemy is going to do next? Then I remember, they can do no more than the Lord allows. Then I do like I am doing today, go to my quiet place and let peace reign, while Jesus makes my enemies leave me alone. I go to Ultimately, for with Him, any and all things work out as they are meant to.

Y’all be safe. Peace out, on my way to Ultimately.

Until tomorrow then…

Doing What I Can, While I Can

DEI Sub Numine Viget

Alma Jones
Aside - I always remember that, "By the grace of the Lord, we've, come a long, lon-n-ng way." Yep, you know it! Belting out that song right about now!
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