Saturday, December 12, 2015

Road Blocks

Good day to everyone! Hope your day is going well.

  Let’s get to the blog subject for today. There are times in life when we are allowed to plan and everything goes exactly according to plan. Don’t you just love those kinds of times? But those are times that you take for granted until you discover that there are other kinds of times. I want to talk about one of those other kinds of times today.  

Have you ever had a time in your life when there was a road block up, no matter which way you turned? I have been in such a situation several times and am in one right now. That is why I decided to talk about it today. We have discussed this subject before, but under a different title. However, I figure since these kinds of times keep coming up, it is okay to talk about them from time to time, just to encourage some and acquaint others with the fact that they are not alone when this happens, that they are not the first nor will they be the last to experience such.

You know, I have to remind myself of how to handle things from time to time, too.  I have had road blocks put up, it seems, all week.  When one situation became unbearable, I handed it over to the Lord and moved on to the next. When that situation did not even let me get started before it threw up a road block, I handed that one over to the Lord as well. But by then, I was thinking, “Okay now, what gives!”
When I moved on to the next thing on the agenda, I moved rather slowly and cautiously. You see, when you have been hit by a series of road blocks, you start to sort of recognize the signs. You also start to get sort of calloused to them. You just wait it out because you know that this too shall pass. Well, it seems that when you put on your waiting shoes that the adversary decides to play with you a bit. It seems like he says, “Okay, she is not bothered, so let me change the game a little bit.” That is when he makes things move slowly and you actually think that you are making headway and then, WHAM!! All systems stop on that one!
Then you go back and revisit the other two that you handed over to see if they are workable yet and find that they are not. Then you, deciding not to be defeated, and figuring that you will show the Lord that you are not just praying to Him and doing nothing at all, start several things going at once. By now, you have figured that you are in a series of roadblocks. When every single one of the ideas you had, come to a screeching halt, really before they barely got started, you keep still because you have been made immovable! You sit there and you pray. You sit there and you think how unfair that life sometimes is and then the tears, that you had been trying so hard not to shed, start to fall. You pray some more, maybe cry until you hiccup, but you still sit still and wait.
THAT is what it is all about! We, every one of us, have to learn and remember that we have learned to wait and depend on Ultimately! That is hard to do, especially when  you have given several things over to Ultimately, already. Now here is the beauty of the situation and of the realization that everything rests upon the will of the Lord. You will learn patience, perseverance and a whole host of other Christian attributes (If you have them already, then you will relearn or strengthen them.). Sometimes you can be in such dire situations that you think, “Okay, either He will fix it or it will kill me.” I know that sounds dramatic but life can place you in some dramatic situations, let me tell you! Then that is when you become resigned to the fact that He is not going to move this particular situation because it is not according to His will and you get prepared for the big Whatever. You can, sometime get so numb in dealing with situations that you have no more tears left to shed, or so you think. But then, Jesus, sweet Jesus, utters the words, “Peace Be Still.” And then, oh and then, those tears that you thought had dried up, spring forth in a rush of gratitude and praise.
You tell, your kinfolk, your preacher, your neighbor, your enemy and anybody else who will listen that Jesus came to see about you, just like I am telling you right now! Jesus has let me see the light at the end of the tunnel through my mountain and I can say to you all, “God Specializes and Jesus Is Going to Wipe Away All My Tears!” With that said, I am going to post this and go for a good walk. By the time I get back, this post will be cold enough for me to, maybe catch any typographical errors that I have made.


Guess what I am going to be singing as I walk? Yep, you guessed it!


Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones

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