Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Gonna" Keep on Walking

Hello all and a blessed good morning to you. Get your coffee, if that is your thing, then come on back for a quick "pick me up" blogging session. 

This morning, as I wrote verses on Twitter, songs from my childhood played back in my mind.

One song in particular that I remember goes sort of like this:

Ain't gonna let nobody
Turn me around
Turn me around
Turn me around
Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around 
I'm gonna keep on walkin
Keep on talkin
Leaning on the Lord.

I sort of took the liberty and blended one song into the other without pause.

As soon as I see Jesus
The Man that made me free
The Man who bled and suffered
And died for you and me
I'm gonna thank Him because He brought me
I'm gonna thank Him because He taught
Gonna thank Him because he kept me
Gonna thank him 'cause he never left me
Gonna sing hallelujah 
Gonna shout trouble's over
Gonna thank Him for all
He's done for me.

You know that I told you that I was going for a nice walk on yesterday and I did. You will also recall that I told you that I was going to sing as I walked. I did that too! I find that singing and exercise together or separately, along with prayer,  chase away my cares. Same problems are still there, same cares and same concerns, but a reinvigorated me now deals with them. That, my friend, is what having an intimate relationship with Jesus will do! It doesn't mean that you won't cry sometimes; it doesn't mean that your problems will be nonexistent. But it does mean that you will handle them just like the challenge they are and keep right on walkin' for the Lord. You will never miss a beat? If you practice this method of dealing with your cares, concerns, problems, etc., though you think you are barely making it, you will find that people will single you out to tell you that they admire your faith or to ask you how you do it and how your faith got so strong. 

When that happens, don't flounder with your answer. Have a polished answer ready for them. I remember when some one first said something similar to me, I stammered and stuttered because I was aghast that they thought that I had a strong faith! They then said to me, you may not think you are strong, but you are and I want to know how you do it. They were emphatic in wanting an answer! They named the most pressing things that I had on my plate and further qualified their statement by saying, "Now, admit it! Most anybody else would be in a ball whimpering, wringing their hands and crying, wouldn't they?" Well, I closed my mouth enough to stop being shocked and gave them a decent answer...  But, you know what my answer is today when someone asks me a similar question? Jesus! I tell them that if He died for me, He must have cared something fierce, so I figure that He won't leave me now. I tell them that I am a prayer. If something bothers me, I pray to Jesus. I tell Him everything.

That, friends, is my blog for today! Hope it blesses you with any concerns, cares, etc. you may have. As I always say, BYDWP, begin your day with prayer.

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones

Aside - if there is any particular topic that you would like for me to address, please drop me a line. I will do a lesson or two on it.
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