Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Martin, Tennessee, My Hometown

Good morning everyone. Do you have your coffee and all?
Two things:
1.   I cannot wait for you to get back with your coffee this morning as I have a mission call. Nevertheless, you will find my blog waiting when you return. I will give my mission call story to you in the form of a poem. I will talk about the resolution of the delemma on tomorrow, if the Lord wills. 
2.  Am honoring my hometown this morning with a poem for the giving and loving people they are. This is a rarity in today's world so join me in my salute to Martin, Tennessee.

A Mission Call

Emotions running amuck
For received a call from
A former student
Down on her luck
From me, she only asked prayer
But I couldn't stop there
She'd be homeless in three days with
A child who'd know no Christmas this year
So, my troops I have rounded up
To see if we can't pass a cup
Those that know me already know
That this was a time
That I would not let go
For every child needs a Christmas
& a home free from cold & snow.

Martin Tennessee

Martin, Tennessee!
My hometown
I may call you that mayn't I
For while Memphis gave me life
You gave me heart
You allowed a starry-eyed college girl
To develop into a woman grown
Martin, Tennessee
Into the adult world
You gave me my start.

Onward in life, I have been called to go
But I just wanted to tell the world
And to let you, the residents know
A bit of how I feel about you, my hometown 
Martin, Tennessee
The city that embraced my children
And allowed us to grow to maturity.
My hometown 
Martin, Tennessee.

When my house burned to the ground
Most of you didn't know me from Adam's
House cat, but you did not waver nor stall 
You picked up the ashes and rallied to the call
My hometown, Martin, Tennessee!

You allowed me to teach your children
And stood by me through the "Infamous Quilt"
You allowed me to teach more than what was
In a book, as I endeavored to instruct all of
My children in the process of how to think
Until they, with pride, talked about the essays
They had built.

I could go on, but there is no need
Just wanted to let you know 
That I will be talking about you as I succeed...
From the fountain, to Santa's house to
The library, Palace St. and so much more
I will be talking about you wherever I go
Martin, Tennessee!

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones
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