Saturday, October 17, 2015

In A Stew

Walk right
Talk right
Don't get in a stew
HE is just using you.

Daisy wondered sometimes what was wrong with her. She had seen the time when she would have told that Johnny Come Lately a thing or two. She had seen the time when she would have flayed his hide off of him with her tongue and never laid a hand on him. She was so mad at him she wanted to cuss a buzzard! She was so mad that she wanted to flap her lips like a bell clapper in telling him off! Who did he think he was? Better yet, who did he think she was? Didn't he know that she used to have a temper to match the tirade that he had unleashed on her? Didn't he...  Wait a minute!

Daisy started rethinking the tirade that she wanted to unleash on her new boss! Then she realized that she was not the same person that she used to be. She started thinking, "It seemed like ever-since she had decided to give her life to Jesus, everybody was out to get her."  Then she started thinking about what her Aunt Minnie had told her, "Baby, since you have been a Christian, I noticed that you have been struggling with trying not to give some people just what they deserved. He didn't you know." She remembered thinking, at the time, "Not today Aunt Minnie; don't talk in riddles! For once in your life, use plain speech! And I ain't got time for no lecture, either!" Aunt Minnie had looked at her for a few seconds in that way she had, that made you think she could see into your mind and calmly replied, "Jesus didn't deserve what happened to Him, either, but he took it all because of His love for you. Ipe! Ipe! Ipe! Don't interrupt me now; you wanted me to speak plainly, so here it is! When the yard man cussed me because he said I cheated him out of two dollars, do you think I liked it? When Janie Culpepper stole my beans out of the window after talking about how that's all I fed my children was beans, don't you know I wanted to dust her up and down the road that her lying feet had traipsed while talking about me? Honey, folks didn't call me "Red Pepper" because I dyed my hair red! I was known to clean your clock and your brothers and sisters too, if need be!"

Daisy remembered thinking at the time, that she was  not going to be a door mat like Aunt Minnie had become! But Aunt Minnie had pierced her with that wizened gaze and said, "Since He took on so much for me, the least I could do and can do is put up with the "Janie Culpeppers" of this world and try to show them Jesus in me. After all, Daisy, we won't be here always and I want to go to live with him forever, where  "new bosses" and "Janie Culpeppers" won't be allowed to cause havoc. Do you think that the LORD is worth the effort of bridling my tongue and stilling my fists to the best of my ability? Uhm hum! I see that I have got you thinking now." That was the last thing Aunt Minnie had said on the subject, though Daisy often caught that piercing gaze on her.

Now dear readers, I gave you that quick little story to say this to you, "Don't let folks get you in a stew. It may be that He is using you."

Hope I gave you something to think about this Saturday morning! Hope you enjoyed the story as well as the lesson it contained. Somebody just said, "How does she come up with this stuff?" To that I say, "Life honey, life."

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - And besides, I am a writer, aren't I? Tee hee 
I heard that and no, I am not a mind reader either! Ha ha ha
You enjoy your day and always, BYDWP!
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