Saturday, August 1, 2015

Inevitability - An Open Book

Hello all! Hope you and yours are faring well. Me? I'm tolerable. Thank you for asking. (smile) Whew! Spent the day yesterday on the go and neglected you and Mrs. Ruby (the heroine in my next story) all day. Time to rectify that situation.  But before I get to that, I want to say that I had planned on yesterday, to pamper myself. "How?", you ask. Well, I had planned to get my nails done first (Luxury Nails), visit my favorite store, Macy's, to see my make-up artist, speak to a friend in Books-a-Million and deliver a package to another friend. Well, wouldn't you know it! My nail technician was out due to family illness and my make-up artist was out due to a family emergency. So all in all, I got to do only one thing that I had planned. Now, why did I tell you all of that? Well, to help me make a couple of points.

First point is,  "Relationships are precious  and time is fleeting." So do all you can, while you can.   Second point is, "Though change is certain, the availability of prayer is constant."

  • Point 1 Explained - My nail technician and my make-up artist were away yesterday due to family emergencies. They both had to deal with some serious change in their lives, one a serious illness and the other, a death. Now, while those two family oriented ladies did not neglect their families, the unexpectedness of their change in familial circumstances gave me pause to ponder. We never know when our families will be visited by sickness or death. Most, if not all of us, have attended a funeral of a departed person to hear grieving relatives exclaim things like, "Momma! I'm sorry Momma! Momma can you hear me?" (sob, sob, scream) While this type of anguish is heart rending, for sure, we all need to think about taking care of sick, ailing, elderly family members and/or neighbors while we are capable enough to do it. We do not need to be waiting for an opportune time because that time may not come until time stops for someone. That someone that time has stopped for, can not hear your well wishes then. They needed them when they were eaten up with loneliness, need, despair, etc. Yesterday's gone; what has been has been, but we can do something about tomorrow. Let's not wait any longer; let's start now.  Shall we? Just some solemn thoughts to ponder because, in the end, it will give us a modicum of comfort to know that we did whatever we could while our cherished ones were still a part of the earth-bound plane.
  • Point 2 Explained - later today
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