Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mrs. Ruby Calling

Good day everyone. I trust that my blog on yesterday concerning prayer served you well. In this life, I find that prayer allows me to shed my fears and place my problems, which to me sometimes seem insurmountable, into the hands of Someone more capable of handling them than I am.

Today, I am keeping it light. I awoke this morning with Mrs. Ruby calling my name from the creative channels of my mind.  She is the heroine in my latest story. I had planned to do a quick story on her about giving up and then I had planned to move on to another piece.  Mrs. Ruby, it seems, is not contented to go quietly off into the sunset of her debut story. She intends to be around for a while, it seems. So, I leave you for today, though I carry you with me in my my heart.  I will let you know what escapades Mrs. Ruby and I find to get into as she wrestles with her waning faith.

...Okay, Mrs. Ruby! I'm comi-i-n-ng!

Doing What I Can, While I Can
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