Sunday, June 14, 2015

I Will Trust in the LORD

 "Though HE slay me, yet will I trust HIM." Those are some powerful words uttered by a patriarch of long ago. But those words give us comfort, even now. Wicked rulers (leaders), ditch diggers, back biters, haters and troublesome people, in general, still try to wreak havoc in the lives of the LORD's children today. But I am encouraged and reminded when I hear the words of Job not to become disheartened and you should be too.

Why did I state what I did in the beginning paragraph? Well, we have HIS Holy Writ to guide us, teach us and remind us that HE never leaves us alone. If HE could deliver HIS people back in Biblical times, HE can still do so today. So don't let your enemy make you "get it twisted", HE is able!

So, what to do?  Put your praying shoes on and go to worship today and recommit your life to HIM. Then stand back and watch HIM work!
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