Thursday, June 18, 2015


Good day! I hope that you have been faring well since our last visit.  I have.

To the business at hand today, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at Tuskegee University recently. She did an admirable job! I applauded her on my Facebook page and I do so again!
I have never known a U.S. President to be treated the way President Obama has been treated. I do believe that sometimes hatred can cause people to become twisted in their view of what is excellence.  I could say quite a bit more on this subject, but what is the point? Truth be told, history will give him his acclaim. At any rate, here is a bit of verse that I crafted concerning the situation.

Walking in Realms of Greatness

You can hate but
Cannot be stopped
You can insult but
Cannot be topped.

Born to do the job
Whether you sneer
Or whether you snob. 

The course is set
And cannot be changed
Get over it or no
This course was ordained
A long, long time ago.

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