Friday, May 15, 2015

Joy Cometh in the Morning!

Good morning! Good day and just a plain old howdy! I hope that you are faring well this morning and that you have been remembering to BYDWP (Begin your day with prayer.) I cannot tell you enough about prayer because I don't know enough about prayer. However, I do know that if I trust HIM, lean on HIM, be faithful to HIM, and prayerfully submit or make known my requests to HIM, HE will remember me and hear me.  I do know that when my storms threaten me, HE will make a way out of what I thought was no way.  But that is not what I wanted to talk to you about this morning. Before I go on, I need to explain what I meant about "not knowing enough about prayer." I use that phrase because my soul is as an empty vat and I can never get enough of the knowledge and experience of prayer because, the more I learn the more I yearn. You may not understand this statement regarding prayer, but just keep living; you will. When you get close to the LORD, you will find that that closeness nourishes your soul and you will find yourself snuggling up to HIM more and more because to know HIM is to love HIM and you will find yourself receiving nourishment from your prayerful study of HIS word and daily contact with HIM.

I do know that HE has put joy back in my heart and a skip back in my step. Why do I say that? Because my storm is over now! It has been an arduous journey and the wind has beat me down, but grace, my GOD's grace has sustained me and has strengthened me. And now I stand to tell the story of HIS deliverance of me. I stand to sing my song of victory. You see, when you have been through a literal series of storms, you will relish the sun peeping through the clouds and you will relish the peaceful twittering of the birds and the freshly washed smell of the grass and trees. In a similar respect, after a series of spiritual faith-trying storms, you will relish the sweet knowledge of your struggling being over. You will relish the knowledge of your being in the hands and under the care of the ALMIGHTY!

You will sing your glorious hallelujah victory song and you won't care who listens nor even if your voice breaks as you are singing. It won't matter because when your storm is over you will be so overwhelmed  with joy and secure in the knowledge of HIS love that it will bubble up from within the well-spring of your soul to tell the world about the cessation of your storm and about your deliverance, in short, about your GOD!  Then you will tell the world that, "Joy! Joy! Cometh in the Morning!"

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Aside, I will go back and clean this up grammatically in a minute, but I feel the need to let this one fly right now! And so I shall!

The MAKER of It All, Cares for Me!

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