Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Through It All...

Standing on the top of the mountain feeling blessed 
Standing on the top of the mountain feeling no stress 
Fell from the mountaintop to the valley 
And back again all in one day
But, you know what
Carried Jesus with me every step of the way!

"If you want to shake my confidence and wound my soul to its core, then bother my children.", somebody once said.
Scenario 1
  • Bob started the day with the knowledge that he would be featured on a major television show. (mountaintop)
  •   Got a word from the doctor that his daughter had to have her mammogram redone. "Something doesn't look right", the doctor said. That was day before yesterday. (valley)
  • Received a call that one of the twins was in major trouble the next day.(valley)
  • Received word of a major promotion being heralded his way.

Scenario 2
Callie wondered if she were headed for another supercell. She remembered the last one that she encountered. She had a brother shot by the police in a mistaken identity case, another brother diagnosed with inoperable cancer, was diagnosed with diabetes herself, had her house to burn down to the ground and lost her Mother, all within a six months time span. Callie had always believed that the LORD would not put anymore on her than she could stand. Callie kept saying, "But, I ain't no Job!" 

Callie was hit with what I like to call a supercell of a storm. Have you ever had times like that in your life? Well, if you haven't, be thankful, but most of us have. 

What do you do when the adversary chooses you for an onslaught? Just like it happened to Job, it can happen to you too. What you have to do is stick close to the LORD at all times. This means that when all of your troubles come at you at once and you have to contend with two years worth of trouble all within a few months, you talk to GOD MORE THAN EVER! This is one of those times when, when even your friends get tired of trying to lift you up. But you keep on going! If you have the presence of mind to realize that what is happening to you is "just not natural", then have the presence of mind to know that there is a supreme supernatural force that no one and no thing can get the best of. Just know that HE sees; HE cares and HE is on the job and never rests in HIS efforts to protect HIS children.

Why did I revisit faith and storms when we just finished doing a series on them? Well, to tell you the truth, I got hit with a scenario similar to #1 a few days ago. I wrung my hands, I cried and then I prayed. At the end of my prayer, my faith had kicked up to its highest level (ramrod strong) and I began to wait on the LORD! I read my Bible and I waited. Psalms 27:14 and Isaiah 40:31

If you do that when you get hit with a supercell of a storm, then everything will be alright! How do I know? Been through more than one super cell of  a storm. And guess what? 

Not under my own power, but by the Grace of GOD!

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