Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Top of the World!

Hello my blog readers for the month of April: Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Belarus, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Philippines, Argentina, Malaysia and United States!  Hello everybody else!

You know what world? When you keep your faith and continue to persevere, it is so sweet when you get one of those tailor-made blessings that has your name written all over it! Tailor-made blessings come in all sizes, big and small! but, I am just so grateful for reminders great and small that the LORD is mindful of me. It makes me feel so special, like I am "One in a million"! And if you have been beginning your day with prayer and developing a closer relationship with HIM, then you do and/or will feel like that too as and/or when you get that special blessing! Another word that I use for tailor-made blessings is "care package" from heaven!

Any way we call it, it is wonderful, so wonderful to be taken in the arms of HIS loving care! I'm grateful, thankful, praising HIM and blessing HIM! And I know that you are too! So keep your head up, no matter what comes up in your life. HE sees; HE knows and "ain't" no surprises creeping up on HIM.  Just keep on waiting on HIM and keep on trusting.

Until we meet...

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Aside - Book signing(autograph party) at 2 pm Saturday at Books and More (1027  Mineral Wells Ave.) in the Save-Lot shopping center. Will be signing all of my books and providing personal complimentary calendars.
Am excited and will keep you posted.

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