Saturday, April 25, 2015

Everybody! Hey Listen Everybody!

Good morning to all of you! Go get your coffee and laze around a bit while I finish this brief  blog for today. Hurry back though, because I am excited and I don't have much time! And, and, and you've been so kind as to listen to me and let me prattle on, so I wanted to tell you what was happening in my life today.

I have a book signing today and unlike my two previous book signings, this one was well publicized. Also this one is featuring my latest work a prose book entitled, "A Suspenseful Paranormal Event." And let me tell you, this book has generated quite a bit of conversation. Several people have asked me when the next one in this series is coming out. They have also asked me if the things in the book actually happened.  Ha ha! Laugh is what I did in answer to their question and then I said, "Some of them actually happened and some are solely from my imagination! I told them, "But understand me, there are some things in some places (as my sainted mother used to say.") Then I quoted them one of my poems in my most dramatic, cryptic and scary voice:

Read on if you dare 
Read on if you must
But when you go to sleep toni-i-ight 
Please have a care!

Let me tell you, that got them going!  Ha ha ha...
So, we'll  see how much of an impact this first paranormal book of mine is going to have. Maybe it will garner me a publishing deal with a traditional publishing house. If it does, great! If it doesn't, oh well, I got the joy of using my creativity anyway and it gave you the chance to get a brief respite from the humdrum of "day to day life."

Aside: Did I mention that I used to be quiet? Tee hee

Doing What I Can, While I Can,


Book signing is to be held today at 2pm at a quaint little bookstore called Books and More in the Save-a-Lot shopping center at 1027 Mineral Wells Ave., Paris, Tennessee

Wish me well and I'll let you know how it turned out! Gotta run! Bye for now!

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