Friday, April 3, 2015

Better or Bitter?

Good morning! Wake up! Wake up! Time's amovin'! What a glorious day! My, my, my! "What is so glorious about it?", you say.  Well, no matter the weather in your part of the world, no matter the cares you awoke to this morning, you woke up! No, it was not the alarm clock that touched your body and said, "Get up child. You have another day to work for me." Now, the thing is, what are you going to do with the new day that HE has given you?

I tell you what let's do. Let's spread a little more love and kindness than we did yesterday. You see, if we do that, we won't have time to dwell on our particular "nasties" that we have to deal with; instead, we can glorify HIM! You see, whatever problems we are facing, will not get better by us dwelling on them, but if we are not mindful, that particular set of problems can make us bitter. We can become so bitter that we can hardly stand ourselves and practically no one else.

"No!", is what I say. I say find something positive or good to do. Get up; get your coffee or tea and tackle this new gift of a day with excercise and renewed purpose! Whatever has happened is gone and cannot be undone. You can, of course, try to rectify some situations (with love, mind you), but as I said, dwelling on the negative only makes you feel worse.

I tell you what I want you to do. After you get your morning wake up tea or coffee, decide upon someone whose plight, as you see it is worse than yours. Then decide what small thing you can do to bring some bit of joy to them. You can do it anonymously or not. (I prefer anonymity myself, but no matter, your choice.) But I tell you one thing, you will realize that you feel better within yourself! You will find that your set of problems, though the same, seem lighter.  Good! Why? I think it is inherent in HIS plan. At any rate, it doesn't matter does it? You feel better! Now, you could do a little bit of strategic planning and think what small thing you can do on tomorrow, if the LORD wills. You will find yourself reflecting back and looking forward to the look of joy and wonder that your act of kindness has brought and will bring to someone's face.

You will be helping others and helping yourself as well! Hotdog! You are onto something! Work it! Work it!
You just might find yourself feeling like a reformed "Ebenezer Scrooge!"
My, my, my! You feel better just thinking about it don't you? I know... But just imagine how much more giddy you will feel when you actually carry it out!

That, my friend, (I may call you that mayn't I?) is Mrs. Alma's way of coping and steadily moving forward as I wait for HIM to handle all of my situations. You see, I told HIM a long time ago, "Here LORD, YOU handle this because it is too big for me. YOU told us to trust YOU and that is what I am going to do."

Well, I did and HE did! And now I sit quietly this a.m. and pen this blog to you. I hope that it will be a blessing to you; it has been to me...
Think about it...

Until we meet...

In HIS service
Doing What I Can, While I Can

Aside - Should I find myself in your area to do a motivational speech, I will put it in my blog so that, perhaps you can get to come and listen to have a voice of reference for my future blogs. The thoughts are fairly flowing this morning. I don't question; I just do. This is sent from my heart to yours. :-)

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