Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Nuf" Said

"While praying one day a woman asked, "Who are YOU, GOD?" HE answered "I AM." But, WHO is "I AM?", she asked.  HE replied, "I AM love, I AM peace, I AM grace, I AM joy, I AM strength, I AM safety, I AM shelter, I AM power, I AM the beginning and the end, I AM the way, truth and the light." With tears in her eyes, she looked toward heaven and said, "Now I understand. But, who am I?" GOD tenderly wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered, "You are MINE."" -Virginia's Positive Hits 89.9 & 90.5 Per

Aside: Book signing pushed to April 25th, Fish Fry weekend! Books and More,  bookstore right next to Save-a-Lot at 1027 Mineral Wells #6, in Paris, TN.  4pm until...
Public seems to really like this latest book of mine. Hm-m-m... We'll see...

Take a look at these reviews:

 Suspenseful !! March 18, 2015
Wow! Alma Jones you are an amazing, gifted writer! This collection of intriguing and paranormal stories will keep you on the edge of your seat! My favorite story is 'Them Shoes Them Shoes!' Recommended reading for everyone. Congrats Alma on your great success! Best wishes always."
 This book was absolutely wonderful!! Got mine in the Kindle version February 15, 2015
This book was absolutely wonderful!! Got mine in the Kindle version...Easy read...it keeps you guessing on the seat of your chair as it all plays out superbly; VERY entertaining and thought provoking with a hint of laughter from time to time, but most definitely a suspenseful event. Looking forward to the NEXT one!!"

I am blessed and thankful and I am declaring HIS justice, righteousness and lovingkindness to my entire readership and beyond! You see; I'm serious about mine!
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