Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hurry Weekend

This is what I thought on Friday afternoon... "The week is over in about twenty minutes and I can not wait!" I had been in school most of the week and was beginning to feel that old feeling of teacher weekend anticipation creep over me. What have I done this weekend? Nothing major, some baking for Sunday, some cleaning, etc. You know the usual. Here is some of my baking!

If it looks good, take a bite! I betcha don't stop with one. Tee hee When I do my recipe/inspirational calendar, I will put my recipe for this in it. Yum!

Until we meet...

Doing What I Can, While I Can


Enjoy each present moment, for you know not what the next one brings... 

Aside: After you have had your cry
Wipe your face and dry your eye
Then get your self right back up
And fellowman, continue to try!

Point for today's blog is: 

Though my weekend brought me tears
I took it to Jesus where I
Take all of my situations and fears.
And now I have myself back on track
And I "ain't gon' be no mo'  alooking" back!
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