Friday, February 27, 2015

Just Want to Say "Thank YOU!"

Hello blog friends!  Hope that you are well!
Me? One doctor's visit and one hip shot later and the flu bug is mostly behind me. This bout with the flu made me slow down a bit and take to my bed for a day or so. Am on the mend, thank GOD.

Having the flu made me slow down and reflect a little more.  You know? When you get sick, you realize your vulnerability and even more so, your total dependence upon HIM and how sometimes, though you don't mean to, you take HIM for granted, maybe just a little...

So my blog today is simply to say, "Thank YOU" to the GOD of all glory.

When I was a little girl, I remember a sound that I would use whenever I would look upon something that amazed me. I would say, "Oo-oo!" (Rhyming with the word who) If it really astounded me I would exclaim, "Oo-oo we-e-e!" Then, if it were within reach, I would reach out and touch it, sometimes causing myself some "pain", as when I touched a China doll in a local hardware store and had my hand swatted by my Mom as a result. You see, if I had obeyed her rule of not touching anything in a store, unless I had money to pay for it, I would not have had my hand spanked. I would not have had cause for alarm, right? Exactly!

You might be asking, "What do sounds that you made when you were a child have to do with anything?" Hold on and I will tell you. You did notice that I emboldened some words, right? That's because I wanted to emphasize those sounds/words in the order that I presented them.

"Oo-oo!" - Might look good to you but all that glitters is not gold. 

"Oo-oo we-e-e!" - if you study long, you study wrong. Don't look so long; you are going to do something that you ought not.

Pain - is it worth the pain?

Alarm - then you wonder what form repercussions are going to come in.

Let's take a lesson from the Garden of Eden.
1. She saw.
2. She liked what she saw too much.
3. She did not consider the pain of disobedience.
4. Realize that though we disappoint time and again, we have a loving FATHER who stands waiting with open arms. HE forgives us over and over again because HE is faithful, if we but ask. Thus we have no cause for alarm.

For all of the "Oo -Oo we-e-e" times in my life
I, FATHER, thank YOU for not taking your love away from me
And for always welcoming me back to heaven's throne with open arms.

Through Jesus, I thank you...

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