Thursday, May 4, 2017

It JUST Won't Matter!


Good morning, alI! I had planned to do a different piece for you today, but when I ran across this draft from several months back, I decided to post it instead. I will, if the Lord wills, post the one that I was going to do today for you tomorrow. So, after you have had your morning meditation and prayer, you go on and have your tea, orange juice, coffee or what have you and then read the blog for today. I hope you remembered the children and the world leaders in your prayer today.  
     One day, the happenings of this world JUST won't matter! There is a portion of baggage that we will leave at the doors of heaven.  And some of you might look back at it and some might not. But unless I am told not to look back at it, I am going to turn around and look back at it, lie down and take my fists, if I have them, and pound the ground, loud or what-have-you and laugh and laugh out loud. Ha ha ha. You cain't get in here. Ha ha ha. You cain't ride my back no more! (Loosely based on Rev. 21:4 and Philippians 3:20-21. Grammatical errors are intentional for emphasis sake.)

This poem that I penned several months ago says what I was trying to say best:

That Will Be A Great Day 

That will be a great day 
For us Christians, one and all
For if, we have remained faithful
We will eagerly await the roll call.

Yes, the best is yet to come
Just you wait and see
There will be untold joy
If we stay faithful 'til eternity.

As I have told you before
I am going to be beside myself
When I get through heaven's door.

I had a lady in the hospital
Giggling quite a bit
When I stood around her bedside 
And told her what I would do
Once I got inside.

Y'all know that I have told you
That I have always been a skipper
And when I described my joy to her
I told her I would be quite the quipper.

I told her that in my mind's eye 
I could see old trouble and old pain
Peeping through the gates of heaven
Itching to, but not able to get at me.

I told her that if I had arms, hands
Legs and arms, in a body of some kind
That I would lie down on the ground
And with glee, my fists I would pound
The turf while pointing and laughing with glee
At old trouble and old pain and say
"I'm rid of Y'all for eternity."

She snickered in earnest then and gone
We're the tears that she had had in her
Eyes when first she called me near
And asked me if for her I would pray
I'm glad she beckoned to me from her bed
I'm pleased that she felt better for something I said
But how could I not try to lighten her load
When she, bless her heart, was such a dear?

No, I am not a comedian, just a child
Who is willing to do all that I can to
Help fellow travelers as we make 
Our way back to our homeland.

Prayer - Thank You, Lord, for using me in your vineyard as I chop my row and toward home I go.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones
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