Tuesday, May 2, 2017

He Looked Down

I read that "lovingkindness" occurs 26 times in the Bible with reference to how the Lord God feels about us. And it occurs three more times in the plural form. This is something that we, as His children, know firsthand. Kindness in itself is very nice to receive and lovingkindness is wonderful BUT the lovingkindness of the Lord God surpasses wonderful! No words can give it the credence that it deserves because there are no words to describe Him in His Majesty! Still, as His grateful children we always try, don't we?
     He extended His lovingkindness to us through His Son, Jesus, because of His love for us. We have read that story or had it read to us times too numerous to count. And if we have any years under our belt, we have been the recipient of His lovingkindness on occasions too numerous to count. But, this morning I want to talk about one specific time that He extended His lovingkindness to a wayward child, me. I have done this story for you about three times during the tenure of my blog so I will not go into it much this morning. However, I will do a poem that recounts a bit of the episode because He is the epitome of lovingkindness. So, here is my poem. Enjoy!

One day about fifty-eight years ago
At an apartment building located
At 1442 N. Stonewall Street
Down in Memphis, Tennessee 
Zip Code 38107
Lived a little eight-year-old girl
Who should have, that day,  gone to heaven
But God would not let it be.

For she broke the laws of nature
When she reached into her pocket
Pulled out a safety pin and
Stuck it into a wall socket!

To be finished by you_______________

You may finish the poem in any manner that you choose. You might have had some close calls yourself. Just put your brain on it and see what you can come up with. There three stipulations, though. 

  1. You must adhere to the theme of God's lovingkindness .
  2. You must do two separate endings for the poem by using free verse as one and either a cinquain or a Senryu as the other. No, it is not difficult, well, not really. Just put your brain on it. If I were giving out gold nuggets, you would try to do a poem. Yep, I know you would. So, instead of you receiving a gold nugget, let's give the Lord a gold nugget of praise for His lovingkindness. Why do I  say that? Simple, He likes for us to brag on Him so we will be pleasing Him when we put our brains to the test and put some thought and time into praising Him through our poem. What do you think He is going to do or how do you think that He is going to feel when He sees you struggling to make up a poem about Him? 
  3. Of course, you must tie the title of the blog in with your poem.
Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma L. Stepping On Jones

Blog P. S. - If you want to send me your poems, then I will publish them here on my blog, if not just enjoy the activity. Please continue to pray for children everywhere and for world peace. Let's not forget to pray for the leaders of the countries of this world.

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