Thursday, March 2, 2017

Change Is Coming

1. Good morning, everyone! Blessed we are to see another one. Are you doing well? I do hope that you are. Me? I am well and am endeavoring to cram as much writing into my days as is possible. That is why I went to only two days a week for my blog instead of every day. However, some of you have let me know that you prefer me to write something every day on my blog. Okay, I heard you and will do that. Even if it is a line or two, I will blog for you each day. Good enough?

2. Now the next thing that I wanted to talk to you about is my new book, Chopping My Row.  You do remember that I told you about a ladies lesson book that I had been asked to do, right? Well, that is my most pressing endeavor. I have finally finished the rough format of it and now I have to type it all together and put in finishing touches. This is a monumental job, but I am enjoying it to the max because it allows me to tell the world about the joy in having an omnipotent Father. You see, because this book is not poetry, it will be more palatable for some folks. At any rate, it will be finished sometime within the next couple of months and hopefully published by July, if not before.

3. I am also working on a book in the romance genre. It is a Christian Fiction book. I think that you will love the main characters. Remember, I introduced you to Bebe in a fight scene with schoolyard bullies? Well, in this book, Bebe has grown up and meets the girl of his dreams, although he does not know that she is the one for him. As a matter of fact, he practically detests her. We will see how it goes...

4. I have eight other books that I am working on, as well. Whew, writing is hard work, but I would not have it any other way. (Tee hee)

5. And the most important. If you are going through something that is distasteful or unpleasant to you, don't despair. Remember that nothing lasts forever, not even trouble. This too, shall pass and remember always to ask Him for the building up of your faith daily when you BYDWP (Begin Your Day With Prayer). There is a song that I wish that I could sing for you this morning. I will see if I can get it done for you. No, as I told you before, I am not the best singer in the world, but there is no one that puts any more love for you in their song than I do. If I can, I will include a clip of me doing this song for you. Just try not to laugh too loudly. Appreciate the care that I have for you in that I am willing to go to these lengths. Why do I care? Now, you already know the answer to that by now. I care because He cares and I am His servant and made in His image. It is as simple as that.
Y'all be blessed and have a happy day. And don't forget; join me tomorrow for my blog.

Doing What I Can, While I Can Because I Care,
Alma Stepping On Jones (Grammy Alma)

Blog P.S. - If I manage to get the song done, I will attach it for you. If not, just know that I tried.
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