Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mean-Spirited People

Good day, all. I had an uplifting time in service this morning. I hope that you find your worshipping services to be as uplifting.  

I wanted to talk to you today about mean-spirited people; you know the kind of people that are always negative and never have anything good to say and go out of their way to "take bites out of people or bite somebody's head off." This is a prayer solution that I offered to one young person who was becoming disheartened because of mean-spirited people. I mean; you find them everywhere, you know? This is one of the ways that I deal with people of that ilk.

It is my prayer that you not be troubled in mind by rude and seemingly heartless people, but that you be able to shrug off their rudeness like water runs off a duck's back and see a possible soul for Jesus. This is a prayer that I had to pray for folk such as the ones that you described and I keep this prayer handy, right in the front of my arsenal of faith because, though names change and faces, too, there will always be that someone who wants to take a bite out of you. If you will pray that prayer, I believe that you will be able to feel pity for people who act like what I just described. You might even chuckle to yourself a bit after they see that you are not bothered anymore by their shenanigans. Just remember to thank the Lord for your being able to shuck it off. Yes, I know that people who are supposed to be His ought not to act like that, but we have to remember that He said that an enemy has sown tares among the wheat and that He, Our Father, will do the separating at the end of time. How can I say this? It comes from being a preacher's wife for 44 years. Let me tell you that I had to learn to give it ALL to my FATHER. And that, baby, is how I made it this far and am making it today...trusting in the love that the Lord has for me.

This blog today was just something to bear in mind when having to deal with mean-spirited people whether it is on the job, in the community, etc.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones 
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