Sunday, September 11, 2016

Praying Time

Good Sunday morning to you and yours. Be good to yourself and worship Him today for He is worthy to be praised.

Louise always remembered what Momma had told her about prayer and remains a faithful, prayerful Christian to this day, for she knows that Prayer changes things! (Excerpt from W.O.W. created w.o.w., page 78). We could take. Lesson from a page of learning from some young people. Now you know why I say BYDWP.

I get up in the mornings with a poem on my heart and a song on my lips.

Has the Video Editor been updated yet?
Hallelujah! Praise God! An answered prayer this fine Sunday morning! Enjoy.

Often, it is through pain that lessons are taught and knowledge is gained.
Be prayerful, especially during times of duress because I have found through the years that it's during those times that the Lord is closest.

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