Friday, September 30, 2016

Done & Done!

Woo hoo! I have finished my writing with a day and a half left before the deadline! Oh yeah, and it is Friday, too! my exuberance is, "Over the top," as my baby would say. Goodness me, where are my manners? I do tend to get excited now and again don't I? How are you faring this fine morning, this fine Friday morning, I should amend? Go grab your tea and come on back and chat with me. Do you have your thinking hat on this morning? I hope that you do because I feel a pretty good poem coming on. Poetry, where would we be without it, hmm-m-m? tee hee 

Well, folks, we have passed into another season. Whatever is happening in our lives, it is happening; what I mean is that we are still on the side of the living, so we have a chance to get some things right before we have to head to that final roll call. That is going to be a tense situation, let me tell you. When we stand in that line and wait for the events of our lives to be read, that is going to be the wait of all waits. I'm sure that you remember waiting for certain things in life here on this earth. Well think about this, we are going to be in that line waiting, waiting, while others' life deeds are read and we are going to be seeing the outcome of their lives that they lived. I can imagine...huh? (What? Oh, well  you can't be surprised because you know that I do have a prolific imagination. How do you know? Please!  Spare me the inquisition. You know about my imagination because of all of the imaginary trips that I have taken you on through this blog. Remember Mrs. Ruby? Uh, hum, I didn't think I would have to talk long for you to remember. Mrs. Ruby was a character, though wasn't she? tee hee Yep, she was. Oh, did I hear somebody say that they have not heard about Mrs. Ruby? Then that tells me that you have not gotten your copy of our book, W.O.W. created w.o.w. That's okay; you can still get a copy. As a matter of fact, with Christmas being so close (less than 90 sleeping days left), you can get a copy for yourself and several for your family and friends. Wait, now don't lambaste me like that; the Kindle version is only 5.99. Uh hum, now you feel bad don't you about the way that you just lambasted me. That's okay! I used to teach so my shoulders are hardened a bit from some of the Parent Teacher Conferences that I  had over the years. tee hee) 

Now let's see; where was I? Oh yeah, we were waiting and waiting in line at the judgement. Now here is the point that I wanted to make in today's inspirational piece. We can wait in trepidation or we can wait in anticipation. The choice is ours. Won't it be wonderful to wait knowing that our race has been well run? Ah-h-h, bliss will be ours, forevermore because our race will be run and done.

Woo hoo! As I said, deadline met. That particular task is done.

Don't understand you when you say
That God has not done anything for you
By whose auspices did you clamber out 
Of bed this morning to behold a day brand new?

"Don't you belittle my Jesus"
The old Granny said
"He has kept us sheltered
And kept my children well-fed!"

Poetry Pondering/Musing
  1. What do you think has happened to cause the old grandmother to express herself as she did?
  2. What is the feeling tone of the poem?

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