Sunday, August 28, 2016

Dream Anyway

Goo-odMorning, World! Tee hee ha ha ha Did you guess that I am joyful? Then you would be right! Why? Why not? I'm breathing, I have a home, family, food and most of all, a Friend Who is a God! Why wouldn't I be joyful? Has anything changed since yesterday, nope. Well, yeah maybe. I have changed in that I have picked my dream back up that I lad laid down for a minute to adjust to the gigantic load that had been foisted upon me. But now, I'm steady, ready and taking more stronger steps toward my dream.

Somebody said, "what is your dream?" Well, when I think of dream three things come into my mind, which are:

  1. Dreams that we may have while sleeping
  2. A long awaited something that we have prayed and planned for being close to fruition
  3. My heavenly home
Now the first one is fleeting, the second seems promising, but the third one is certain, if I keep my hand in my Friend's hand. That is a dream that facets not away and that no one can take away from me. If I stay faithful, my heavenly home will be my reward. THAT IS THE REASON FOR MY JOYFULNESS THIS MORNING!

Here is a quick poem that I whipped up for you this morning. I will correct mistakes later. I do not want to be late for worship this fine Sunday morning.

He dared to hold on to his dream
No matter how impossible it might seem
He had the bodacious audacity to believe
That it was something he could achieve.

She had always been taught
That if she reached high, then
Some of the loftiest dreams could be caught.

They had a resilience within
That kept them trying again and again
That precious cargo that they carried inside
Was placed there at their conception
By a faithful and benevolent Friend.

Folks just did not, perhaps could not, understand
How such as they could rise
Through the levels and ranks of the land.

But the well-meaning Friend knew
What He was about when He chose
Them to be the vessels that would
Carry His well orchestrated plans out.

So, to the rest of the he's and she's
That have a dream
That the world thinks is not reasonable, is not plausible
Keep stepping toward that dream, for the architect
Of it knows that it is more than feasible
Knows that it is more than ordainable.

Knows without a doubt that is is ordained
And as such, will be obtained!

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