Monday, June 6, 2016

Pause for Station Identification

For what it is worth...
Nurture, encourage, push and prod. We do this because we know that children are special in the eyes of God!

Yep, mothers, some of us plead guilty to sticking our noses where you sometimes feel they don't belong. And yes, we get you when you want us to LEAVE YOUR CHILD ALONE! But we stick our noses where you wish we wouldn't, especially when you are not around and we see your child do something that they shouldn't!

We make no apologies for, He gave us the caring gene and we spread it over whomever we come in contact with, if they let us!

Yep, children, we are going to fuss at you (if you need it) and have watching eyes scoping you out at all times. Why? No, it is not because we want to "get all up in your business" as some young folks say. We do this because you know better than to do some of the things that you do and to say some of the things that you say. You just figure that your folks are not here and with most things you can get away. Nope! Not so, and we make no bones about it, for there will come a time when you will be glad that we did and you, don't you ever doubt it.

Getting old and sentimental you say? That's where you are wrong. Been sentimental all of my life, so there! As far as the getting old part, ha, age is just a number. You just be glad that you, our tutelage, got to be under. Ipe! Ipe! Ipe! Not another word, my dear, because, as I told you before, this old brain can still outthink most of you young'uns , you hear!

Why write this on this morning? You best believe that I have my reasons...
So to teachers, enjoy your well-deserved summer rest, because, for your charges, you did your level best.

And to my joyous one, estancia!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

To Ponder:
1.  Why is this piece entitled as it is? Well! Aren't you the feisty one! Of course it is entitled as it is because I wanted it named so. Now, I guess a better way of phrasing this would be, "Using examples from the piece, can you figure out the reasoning for the title and tie it in?

2.  Hint: Define extrapolate.

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