Sunday, May 29, 2016


I am just a country bumpkin 
Still holding on to the standards
With which I was raised.

My mom was a preacher's daughter
And there were certain things that
She did not condone and would 
Not allow her children to do.

Found myself thrust into a situation
Last night that made me cringe
And I thought to myself, "You
Know your mother would not be
Comfortable with the mess that
You have been put in, for she 
Would say, 'No, no daughter, you
Are standing too close to the fringe.'"

So, what I did was remembered to whom I 
belonged, and held my head up for all to see
The Spirit that dwells inside of me.

Good morning, all. Hope you are faring well. The poem that I wrote for you this morning, needs no questions to help you interpret its message. Just you remember that sometimes the world can make it awkward for you to stand on your Christian values. But, you know what? You have to stand on them anyway!

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Sold out of my copies of our book! Have to get some more in, pronto! Did you get your copy yet? It will be in a bookstore close to most of you soon, I think. And the rest of you can order it on line from or Barnes and I plan to do a book give-a-way as soon as I can set it up. There will be five books available that way. I will let you know more about it. Can't do much today, as we have to travel a good piece today for worship and I have to get ready to allow time to get there.

Aside 2 - Gotta run. Don't forget to BYDWP!
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