Friday, May 20, 2016

Proud of You and for You!

Hello, all. Hope your day is going well. Me, I am excited. Yes, again! (Tee hee) Actually, it is an extended excitement. You know it; yes it is about the book signing! Come by and visit with us or wish us well from afar. Have to get my nails done today, as I can't have these paws signing books like they are. (Tee hee)

Doing What I Can, While I Can
Alma Jones

Aside - Yesterday, I was talking with a friend from Florida and she told me several times during our conversation that she was so proud of me and for me. I mean, we were having an ordinary run of the mill chat and she would just burst out with, "My friend, an author! I can't believe it!" Or she would say, "Girl, I can't believe you're an author." Or she'd say, an author and you're good, too! Each time she'd do that it broke my train of thought and I would have to refocus my thoughts back on  the conversation. Then we focused on my writing and my willingness to help a Christian school charity of mine. She said, "See, that is why you are being blessed, because to you, it's not all about you." I chuckled and I told her as I have you and so many others, "Anything that I do well, let's be clear about this, it's not me, but the glory of God shining through me." To which she replied, "My point exactly."
And you know folks, she was right. Let's all remember to give Him glory in all things that we do well, and try to show that glory in our everyday lives, as well.
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