Monday, April 4, 2016

Wrap Up and Cap Off to "Why Did You Tell that Lie?"

Hello, all! Wrapping this story up and as promised will give you a poem, to boot.

Momma was offered a job as asst. office manager at the newspaper office, which she turned down because Pete intervened and asked Mr. Bonegrab to back his mother in a business venture where she sold baked goods. The baking shop venture was a huge success and still thrives to this day.

Pete took up kickboxing and represented the US in the Olympics where he did well! He was offered a chance to read for small part in a kick boxing movie. What do you think happened? Yep! He got the part and is a well known name in the movie industry today.

Bud (William) got a summer job at an auto repair shop. He later became part owner in the business. He now owns a chain of stores across the Midwest.

Joe became a ministerial student that summer. He is now a man of the cloth with a congregation of 800.

Julie helped Momma in the baking business that summer. She later went to culinary school and now owns her own restaurant with a crocheting outlet attached to it.

That is the story of the Handlebiz's. Hope you enjoyed it.

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside 1 - Oh, Claudia Braggadocious, why I thought I told you. She and her daughter run a new and used shop on the east coast.

Aside 2 - Goodness me! What was I thinking? You mean I didn't tell you anything else about Momma's brother, Justin, in Toledo? He was a very successful man of the cloth. In fact, folks said that he was known to be able to get a prayer through. Now, oh he is a missionary in a third world country.


Telling a lie can do much harm
Best, the truth be out in the first place
For you never know when the consequences 
Of the lie will return, nor in what form.

Get yourself in close allegiance with the Lord
Because, in this world, living without Him
Is not something you can afford.

Momma, Bob, Joe, Julie and Pete
Had a team leader, who could not be beat
If you pray regularly and have prayers
Sent up, often, in your behalf
You will come out smelling like roses
And you, my friend will have the last laugh!

I have a couple of other applications
That I could make with this tale for you
But I think that what I have written
Will do quite well, don't you?

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