Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Did You Tell That Lie? (Finale - Not Yet)

"Boy! What are you going to do? Lawd have mercy!"
Have you ever known someone to be in the grips of justifiable anger like Pete is in? I'm pretty sure that you have. My question to you is, " What's he going to do with that bat!"

Hey, y'all! I am up and have been for a little bit. I'm at my writing, as you can see, so come on back about your lunch time and see what this youngster does. Oh my, he's got his whole life ahead of him. Oh dear! Oh dear!

Tee hee Gotcha going don't I? Well, come on back and see what happens...

Alright, here we go, y'all.
Pete was so angry that he could see red. He was angry with his dad for dying; he was angry with Claudia Braggadocious and her snooty daughter;  he was angry at life for making a sixteen old do a man's job; but most of all, he was angry with Benny Grabrun for firing his mother without checking the facts.

Pete thought about the last time that he had seen red. That had been about a week after his dad's funeral. His brother, Bob had sassed his mother something awful because she had told him for the fifteenth time to turn his television off and go to sleep. When he had refused, his mom had marched into the boys' room and had yanked the TV cord out from the wall so hard that it had bent the prong on the plug.

That was when Bob, probably because he was grieving, had said that he hated her. His mom had replied, "Join the club; life hates me too." Pete would always remember the way his mom had run past his room sobbing. Pete remembered that he had said out loud, "Daddy, why did you go and leave us like this?"  He had lain in his bed listening to his mom sobbing. When things had gotten quiet in her room, Pete had made a pretend trip to the bathroom. When he tiptoed past his mom's room, he could hear the quiet even sound of her breathing. Every now and then she would hiccup in her sleep.

Pete had been on his way back to his room when he saw light coming from under his brothers' door. Pete had opened the door and had seen Bob watching TV.  Pete had said to Bob, "You turn that TV off right now and if you ever make my mom cry again, I will beat you up within an inch of your life." Bob had said, "You ain't my dad." Pete saw red! Before he realized what he was about, he had hit his brother with a round off kick and knocked him down, and had his knee pressing against Bob's windpipe. That had been when Joe, who had been quietly watching the whole thing, had jumped up and said, "Stop Pete, stop! You are going to kill him!"

Pete had let Bob up. Then he had said to Bob, "The TV stays off for a week. You got me? And if you ever make her cry again, I'll beat you Bob and you know I can!" Joe scurried to turn the TV off! Bob, who had been gasping for breath, said, "She's my mom too." To that Pete snarled, "Then act like it then."

Pete had vowed then, that he would never lose his temper like that again and he never had. He had never seen red again until today. He gunned the car through the traffic light that had just turned red.

(Sorry, folks but will have to proof this and give you the epilogue sometime Saturday.)
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