Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Money! Money! Money! (Part 2 and Finale)

Hello, everyone. I thought that we would finish our post on "Money! Money! Money!" this morning.

There used to be a huge supermarket chain that had a giant statue of a man standing out front holding a huge bag of groceries in each arm. Do you remember those stores? For those of you who are not familiar with this statue, just picture, if you will, a statue four feet wide, four feet thick and about 12ft tall. Now, I want you to picture this statue as a working momma with a purse hanging from her arm. That is the picture that my Momma presented to the world, at least, once a week.
My Mother, bless her soul, was a teacher, at one time. How she came to be cleaning people's houses for a living is a story for my memoirs. I only stated that fact to tell you this, "She did not believe in letting life beat her." She "made a lot of lemonade" during my childhood days. And you know folks, she passed that characteristic on to me and I, in turn, am endeavoring to toss it to you.

She taught me to make the best of any situation that I found myself in. One of the ways that she taught me that was that she hauled in her grocery bags food such as a frozen five-pound box of chicken necks or a frozen five-pound box of chicken backs. Why did she ride the streetcar from her job to the supermarket out east (as she called it) buy food and haul that food to another streetcar, and then make a transfer stop and do it all with her two bags of groceries? She always said that she hauled the groceries because they were cheaper "out east" than they were in our neighborhood stores. She didn't complain about my Daddy being a drunk and walking off and leaving her with three children to rear. She just bowed her head with determination and did what had to be done. She kept her children fed and a roof over our heads, while all the time teaching us to pray, stay in school and to "Be somebody."

I saw my Mother's faith, in spite of our poverty. Her faith, instilled a like faith in me, and our struggling to make ends meet, taught me to pray continually. In life, I have learned to be close to Jesus and always to pray and to stay.
I used my poverty from my childhood days as an example of dealing with problems, learning to be resourceful and most of all of leaning on Him. I was faithful to Him when I had a little... And now, while I don't live in the lap of luxury, and still have problems, I can say that I have learned to take those problems, whatever they are, be it money, sickness, worry, etc. and put them in the hands of Somebody, Who knows what to do with them. 

Doing What I Can, While I Can,
Alma Jones

Aside - Your problem may be money and it might be something else, or you might have a combination of issues.  Whatever the case, whatever you are wrestling with, take it to Him and watch Him move!
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