Thursday, February 11, 2016

Explanation of "What" from 2/10/2016

Hello, all. I have the poem from yesterday printed below. Here is my take on it. The question that I posed on yesterday, started with the word "what." Look at the answers that I have filled in in the poem.

Speaks to your soul (love)
Brings you joy (love)
Makes your heart sing (love)
Makes your bells of contentment ring? (Love)

Love answers a multitude of questions. Some possible answers concerning the theme of love are: 

  • love of writing, reading, cooking, growing flowers, painting, drawing, creating, singing, watching my family, teaching, helping others, etc.
  • Or you could sum it all up by saying, "Love of God, for He first loved me."

Your answers and choice of theme, tone and mood may have been totally different. But, that is okay because that is the beauty of poetry. It speaks to each heart according to the beat that the heart is marching to.

Doing What I Can, While I Can

Alma Jones

Aside - Poem for tomorrow:
Living under a microscope
Is not really that bad
You assess the situation
And look at the former
Occupant of the position
Then you get in and do your best
To upgrade the job's condition.

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